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Related article: Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 13:08:32 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 3Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental. Chapter 3 When I awoke it took me a couple of minutes to remember where I was. But it all came back as I looked at the two blacks sleeping beside me. I started to get hard as I thought about Devine's cock inside me. I got even harder remembering how they both tasted. I reached down and grabbed both boys by the cock. Even asleep, both cocks started to firm up. I slowly jacked both, Devine opened his eyes, momentarily confused and then turned and smiled. I turned my head and kissed him. As I moved Onou came awake. I couldn't stop now I just rolled to my knees and went down on Devine's cock. That put my ass in the air. I felt Onou's tongue sliding up my ass crack. As he hit my rosebud, I pushed back on his tongue. God it felt good. I momentarily stopped sucking Devine's cock, reached back to Onou and pulled his hard cock toward my ass. He got the message real quick, I felt his cock sliding up and down my crack. I dove back down on Devine. Taking his whole cock all the way down my throat.Onou was very gentle as he slowly started to enter me. I groaned in real pain as his massive head slid through my rings."I'm hurting you Master." He said and started to pull back.Not wanting him to stop, I pushed back on his cock. It Preteen Naturist went in about an inch more and I felt a rush of pure pleasure. He just held it there when what I wanted was it all inside. I lifted off Devine and pushed back again. I felt Onou's massive tool sliding deeper."Yes, Yes! Fuck me boy."Onou didn't need any more encouragement. He drove all nine inches in. The pain/pleasure of his tool driving into Preteen Naturist me caused my cock to explode. I drove my mouth back over Devine's cock, sucking with a frenzy, like I would never see it again or taste the fruit buried in his balls. My frenzied sucking drove Devine over the edge, he blasted right into my throat. I just swallowed and swallowed. As he started to go soft I pulled out and told him to kneel in front of me. When he I dove into his ass crack with my tongue, Tasting the sweet African sweat and cumm and ass juices. God how could I have gone so long without having sex with these wonderful black bodies? I know I will never get enough of them. Onou kept banging away at my ass; each thrust in was met by my push back. I never wanted it to end."Master." I heard Onou say.I knew he was ready to explode, so I pushed back as far as I could. He pushed one final thrust in and I felt his hot cumm filling my ass. I clinched tight on his cock and milked every drop from him. As he finished he dropped faint across me, his cock still buried deep inside. He slipped out as he came around."Wow! Boys that was the best ever." I sighed.I slumped back down on my back and pulled both to me. I kissed both and thanked them."You are truly my Master now. I have never been able to fuck a, a.""A white man Onou. Well you will have plenty of more chances. I love that big black cock of yours inside me. I like yours too Devine. I also love the taste of both of you.""I wish you were my Master too." Devine said with a catch in his throat.When I looked at him tears were rolling down his face."What's the matter Devine?""I can never be with you Master, Sir. I cannot go with you. I am just a nobody."With that statement he rolled off the bed and ran crying to the bathroom."What was that all about Onou?""I'm not sure Master. But I will find out."He rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom.Shit. Just when I was feeling so good. I sat up and pulled on a pair of shorts and headed for the living room. I picked up the phone and ordered a large pot of coffee."Right away Sir."I had barely hung up when a tap came at the door. Damn good service here. I grabbed a couple of bucks and answered the door. An older Negro went to wheel in a cart. I stopped him and handed him the tip. Then closed the door on him. I wheeled the cart over and then poured myself a coffee. Onou came out a few minutes later."Well?""Master. Devine is an orphan. It is not unusual, there are millions of orphan boys and girls in Africa. He doesn't know who his father or mother was or even the country he was born in. In South Africa even now, you need to know from where you are from to get a work permit. So he has been working without a permit. When someone starts to ask questions he just up and moves on.""So what does he want?""Master he told me you are first to thank him and you have been very generous. But he knows you cannot help him."Fuck was that kid wrong. So what was I getting myself into now? Pretty simple to me, I was a real softy. At that moment Devine came out and headed for his clothes by the door."Devine. Come over here and sit down.""Sir. I, I.""Devine Preteen Naturist come over and sit now."He walked to the couch and sat down."Look at me Devine."When Devine raised his eyes to me I could see he was very close to crying."Devine, you are a very good looking young man. You have done everything I have asked of you and more. I like you almost as much as I do Onou. I promised Onou, that when I went home I would take him with me. Now I promise you to. When I leave South Africa, you will be coming home with me too."It took him almost 30 seconds before what I had said sunk in. Then he burst into tears. I walked over and pulled him into my arms and let him cry. When I looked at Onou he had a mile wide grin. After he was down to just sniffles."Okay. I need a shower, with both you helping."Well there wasn't a lot of room in the shower with the three of us. But they did do a wonderful job of cleaning me up. Before I rinsed I showed Devine, who washing my back how to clean me inside with the flexible shower nozzle. After I rinsed I stepped out of the shower. When they started to leave I stopped them."You two clean yourselves, including inside. Then come out to the living room."I heard two 'Yes Master's'.Both came out, now shining clean. I marveled at the ebony shine of both beautiful bodies of the two young men. Looking at both got me very hard again. How was I going to keep up to two young virile black males was beyond me."Okay. I want you both to get dressed. I want you Onou to go with Devine and pick up what ever belongings he has and come back here. Devine you will be staying here as well. Don't worry about your boss. Charlie and I go along way back. And boys come in the front door. You both work for me now and are not any less than anyone else."After they both left I looked at the clock. Almost 8:30 AM in Washington.I picked up the phone and asked for the international operator."State Department, African Affairs. How may I help you Sir""Spencer Hamilton for Sandy Wilson.""Morning Spence. What's up?""Sandy I need some help.""Name it buddy. Whatever it is I can help.""Okay. How do I adopt a boy from South Africa?""That's easy. I thought you had a problem.""Sandy. He's a stateless person.""Oh Wow! Ah, ah how old?""Twenty Two.""Oh shit. Ah, look give me your number I'll call you back."I gave him my cell number and then hung up. Fuck now what?"Less than five minutes later he called back."Okay Spence I have a few questions.""Okay shoot.""Gay? Yes. No parents? No. SA work permit? No. Picture ID or Passport? No. Aids? No. You sure? Yes. How can you be sure Spence? Because the first time he was fucked was by me last night and I don't have aids. Okay how much do want to spend to make this happen? What ever it takes.""He really got to you eh?""Yeah I guess he did but, Sandy he's not the only one I will be bringing with me. In fact there might me two or three more. I'm on a 90 day holiday here.""Jesus Spence.""Look Sandy. Just tell me what I have to do and I'll do it. I made a promise and I never break promises.""If it was anyone else. I'll make it happen for you. Hope your still as rich as God.""Hahahahahahahaha.""I'll be in touch." He hung up.I called down and told Charlie of Devine's change of employment. He told me no problem. Told me he would make up Devine's last pay and have it sent up. I looked at the clock, 12:30, time for a drink. Made myself a drink and went to sit on the balcony. This is crazy, I've been here two days and already I have two boys. At this rate I'll have a whole stable of Black boys to play with. Whoa, can't start thinking like that. That kind of thinking is way to close to Master/Slave shit. I didn't want to own these boys, even if that is what they want. Well cross that bridge if and when I come to it.Well I had come here to holiday and find a nice black boy to suck and fuck. Well I had found two, so I figured I should get away for a while to let things settle in. I knew of a nice resort up the coast. As I was thinking on this, Onou and Devine came back. Devine was carrying his meager kit in a small sack. Both boys quickly undressed. Well first thing I was going to do was get both young men some traveling clothes. Wearing those long skirts would very uncomfortable in the Rover. I told both boys to get dressed. I went and put on a pair of Cargo shorts and a light Preteen Naturist shirt. Slipped on flip/flops and said we were going shopping."I have money Master." Devine said and handed me a large wad of bills."I do to Master." Onou said."Look boys, I don't want your money. I have plenty."Now both boys looked near tears. What the fuck."Okay, okay. I'll hold onto your money boys."I took both piles of money, went to my brief case, tied an elastic around both and dropped them in my briefcase. Picked up my wallet."Now. Get dressed."Both quickly dressed and we left the hotel. Both boys walked slightly behind me as we wandered around looking in shops and stores. It wasn't too hot and nice breeze was coming in off the sea. I finally found what I was looking for. It looked like a miniature version of a Wal-Mart. It also looked to be patronized by all races. I walked in, with the two boys in tow and headed directly to young mans clothing section. An east Indian male walked up to me."Can I help you Sir?""Yes. I want these two young men outfitted from the skin out, top to bottom. Everything. Shorts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, soft walking boots, light shirts and long pants."His eyes got real big, when he realized what I wanted."Yes Sir. Come with me young Sirs."He took both boys into a changing room. After several minutes he came out and started to take all kinds of clothes into the changing room. After almost an hour the cart outside the change room was almost full. Both boys walked back out with huge grins on their faces."Anything else Sir." He asked politely."Three backpacks, some water bottles and a large picnic cooler."After we had it all we went to a cashier. I found I had spent almost two thousand dollars in one place. I asked for a taxi to get everything back to my hotel. I left the cooler at the front desk and asked Charlie if his kitchen could fill it with sandwiches and soft drinks and maybe some beer or wine, plus ice to keep everything fresh. I told him that the next day I would be taking off for a few days sightseeing up the coast."It will be ready Spence first thing in the morning.""You can hold my suite I will be back."When I got back to the suite boy boys were nude and going through all that I had bought them. Both ran to me and kissed me on both cheeks.I told them to model, try on some of the clothes so I could see how they looked. I was surprised when I saw both had picked bikini briefs. When they had them on they looked almost better than when they were nude, the bulge in the shorts very prominent."Now put on the cargo shorts." I said.When they had them on, the bulge was mostly hidden. Which was good. Sitting I figured it would be very prominent."Okay. You can leave them on until after lunch arrives."I ordered lunch with beer and wine.After lunch arrived both boys undressed again. We sat and ate lunch. I told them to remove all the tags from their new clothes and pack everything in the backpacks except one pair of underwear and their cargo shorts and sandals. We will be going sightseeing up the coast in the morning. I also had them pack my backpack.About two both were done and were sitting beside me on the couch. I had an arm around each."So what would you guys like to do until Dinner?" As if I didn't know."I want you to fuck me gain Master." Devine smiled."I want that too." Onou said."Well I cant do you both at the same time, but I think we can do it this way. I screw you Devine, while Onou fucks me. Then you can fuck Onou while I suck on him. Afterward Onou will fuck you while I fuck him. When were all done we can just rim each other. How's that.""Yes Master." They both said.Both got up and ran for the bedroom. Both these boys were going to really tire me out, but it was going to be a good tiring. When I got to the bedroom, the boys had stripped the bed down to the bottom sheet. Both were almost giddy in anticipation. I dropped my shorts and underwear. Devine climbed onto the bed and kneeled with his great looking black ass stuck in the air. I knelt behind him and spread his cheeks and started to rim his hole. He just moaned in pleasure. I lined up my cock and after giving each cheek a hard slap, drove into him in one hard thrust. His back arched and his head came up and he let out a short sharp grunt of pain. Too bad. This is how I liked to fuck. I started slow and slowly speeded up. I hardly noticed when Onou entered me I was in such a state of pleasure plowing Devine's tight ass. We soon got into a rhythm, as Onou pushed his cock into me, my cock was driven deep into Devine. It didn't take long for me to get real close. I finally just pushed in as far as I could and held it. Devine sighed as I blew my load deep in his ass. I pulled out as I started to go soft and Devine swung around and started to suck and lick my cock. Onou groaned as he unloaded into me. I could feel his hot sperm filling my colon. Wow! What a rush. When he pulled out, I turned and sucked on his cumm covered cock. As I was sucking him Devine crawled behind him and slowly entered him. I turned and laid down under Onou and took his cock into my mouth. He leaned over and started to suck me. As I was sucking Onou, I looked and saw Devine's cock slowly sliding in and out of Onou. That got me real hard fast. I was surprised that Devine had such staying power after been fucked. He lasted almost ten minutes until stopped deep in Onou's ass and unloaded. When he pulled out Onou turned and sucked him clean. I couldn't resist that black upturned ass and dove in with my tongue and slurped up the cumm running from Onou's ass."My Turn again." Devine said and turned his cute butt to Onou."Go easy Onou, you're a hell of a lot bigger than me.""Master. I want it the same way you did it." Devine said."Well it will definitely hurt Devine." I told him."Onou, hard, like my Master."Onou lined up with Devine's dilated hole and just grabbed his hips and drove all 9 inches into Devine. Devine's back arched and his head came up. Tears instantly started down his face, but not word came from his mouth. Onou started to pile drive the kids ass. I lined up and entered Onou. After we got into a good rhythm we fucked for almost 30 minutes before I was ready to blow again. After I let go, Onou unloaded into Devine. We both just collapsed on the bed, totally spent. Devine turned around and first licked and cleaned Onou's cock and balls and then mine.Devine still had tears coming as he finished."Are you still in pain Son?" I asked."Yes Master.""Okay. Turn around and let me have a look."After he turned and stuck his ass Preteen Naturist up I looked. Christ you could almost fist fuck him his hole was so big. I gently slipped a finger in and he winced when my finger touched some torn tissue. When I pulled my finger out there was some, but not Preteen Naturist much blood on it."Okay we need to wash you out and I'll put some salve on the torn tissue.""Onou, take him to the shower and wash him out. I'll get the salve from my first aid kit.""Yes Master."After I had fixed Devine up we went out to living room.Devine walked up to me and put his arms around me."I love you Master." He said."I love you too Devine and I love Onou as well. You boys have made an old man like me very happy. I never want either of you away from me."After a really good dinner, we sat on the balcony and watched the sun set. All three of us contented, I had two wonderful boys and they had me.TBC
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